5 of Our Favorite Things To Do Together That Won’t Clean Out Your Wallet

We’ve never had a day out of the week that we considered “date night.” It just never worked for us to have that luxury since our work schedules are inconsistent. For us, it’s little things that make it exciting, like running errands together or simply going on a walk. As long as we are together and enjoying each other’s company, then that’s all that matters. Our favorite thing to do when we are together is explore around. Some days we wake up with a solid plan, and others, we spend the whole day being spontaneous together. We’ve always been good with our finances and it’s not like we would break the bank, but now that we are in the midst of getting out of debt, we’ve become more aware of our spending. So I decided to put a list of our favorite things to do together that won’t clean out your wallet.

1. State Parks

Our love for exploring has included visiting various state parks. You can pay for a day pass or a year-round permit. I don’t know what it costs in other states, but in Minnesota a year-round permit is $35 and is good for any park and recreation area. A day pass is only $7 and if you know you’re going to visit more in the coming year, you can trade the day pass in for $7 off the year-round pass. To us it’s worth it to pay the $35 because in the summertime that’s pretty much all we do. According to Minnesota’s website, there are 75 state parks! And we want to visit them ALL! You may want to check out your states website to see what fee you’d have to pay for state parks in your area.

2. Hiking

We live in Duluth, MN and here there are so many trails to hike, it’s pretty ridiculous actually, but that means we won’t get bored with the trails. There’s always something new to explore and see since each trail is different from the other. It’s so fun to explore new places we’ve never been or seen. It makes the experience so much more personal and special when it’s done together. Though there is no cost to hiking on various trails, it is a good idea to make sure you have proper foot wear which is an investment. But trust me, if you go on a long hike, you need something that will provide you with better support than running shoes. We learned that the hard way.

3. Skywalks

We don’t have a huge skywalk system where we live, but it’s fun to explore when it’s cold out. It’s a good option when you just want to get out of the house. In the skywalks you can access the library, the entertainment center, and the movie theater. The signs are well marked and there are little shops and restaurants along the way. My favorite part about the skywalks is walking over the freeway. I don’t know why.

4. Bike riding

The summer before we were married all we did was go bike riding. I honestly never would have hopped on a bike if it wasn’t for Sam. He enjoys bike riding and it just made sense for me to try it. When I tried it out for the first time, I was hooked. It is expensive at first, but once you have all your gear, you literally hop on your bike and can go anywhere you want. Our very first bike ride together after I literally just purchased my bike was from Duluth down to Carlton and back on the Willard Munger State Trail. That’s about 19 miles one way. We were practically on that trail every week that summer.

5. Coffee Shops

Aside from finding a new “Hole in the Wall,” we also enjoy trying new coffee shops. We like good coffee and coffee that comes with good service. One day Sam called me on his break at work and said “I found a new coffee shop. It’s great!” Next thing I know we’re checking it out together and true to his word, it was pretty great. In case you’re wondering, the coffee shop is called Amity Coffee and he loves their mocha coffee’s. Me? I love the atmosphere and I like the selection they provide.

Tell me what things you have tried from our list and if you also like doing the same. What do you and your spouse enjoy doing together that doesn’t cost a whole lot?



The Leal’s

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