The Rustic Inn

Let me tell you about my favorite place to get pie. People say that Betty’s Pies are the best around, but they haven’t tried The Rustic Inn. It is about an hour north of Duluth and the drive is well worth it. It’s the perfect distance to get out of the city and feel like you can get a break from the rush of traffic. I promise you will not be disappointed. This is a usual detour stop for those on their way to Gooseberry Falls or Split Rock Lighthouse (which I also recommend). The drive itself is very scenic with pit stops along the way to take a minute and gaze. There’s just something about driving the North Shore of Lake Superior that takes your breath away. I always have my camera ready when going up north.

The Rustic Inn is found right next to highway 61, and if you don’t know where to look, you can easily drive right past it. Guys, it looks just like a cabin in the woods and it’s the cutest thing you ever saw. If you go in the winter time, the snow on the pine trees makes it looks so dreamy against the cabin-like structure. It looks like it came out of a magazine. When you pull in, you suddenly see trees scattered here and there giving it the “cabin in the deep woods” kinda feel. When you walk in, you are instantly invited with a warm rustic atmosphere. Artwork on display throughout compliments the tone and season.

The front counter has a display of homemade truffles, bark, and other yummy temptations like Key Lime Truffle, Mocha Truffle, and Angel Mint Bar, just to name a few. I always stare at them because they just look so good! I gotta be honest, I have not tried them yet, although I always intend to, but that pie has me on a mission. By the time we’ve had lunch and dessert, the thought of having a truffle or delicious bar is too much.  Maybe I should take some to go next time.

Did I mention they have a gift shop? It is just off to the side when you walk in and full and cute things. The shop has anything from jewelry, to wall hangings, unique gifts, and plenty of tourist type souvenirs. With wait time easily at 40 minutes, perusing around the gift shop allows time to go fast. When we stopped there on our honeymoon, we noticed the servers were using the Gurgle Pot pitchers. The name comes from the sound it makes when pouring water. The first time we saw it and heard the sound it makes, Sam looked at me with an excited look on his face and said “I have to have one!” There were so many colors to choose from: orange, green, white, blue. It was a hard decision!

We first tried this place out for my birthday one year as a recommendation from a friend and knew we had to try it. We’ve always dined in the main area, although there is another room further in and I couldn’t help but notice a wood stove. I may request a spot in there next time. Not only are the pies worth the drive, but the food is also outstanding. Last time we ventured there, we ordered onion rings, I got the Rachel on cranberry and wild rice bread with sweet potato fries (I’m a sucker for sweet potato). If you are indecisive, like me, you’ll have plenty of time to stare at the list of pies that are listed on their blackboard. For dessert I had the French Apple Pie. No ala mode, just straight up pie.

If you haven’t been there, I know you’ll love it. If you do, tell me what kind of pie you got.


The Leals


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