Lincoln Park Cafe

We love going to “mom and pop shops” better than going somewhere mainstream. You get a lot for a low cost and the food never disappoints. Sam is always on the search for a new place for pancakes, he judges a them based on how well they make them, and I’m usually along for the ride and excited to try something new.

I had wanted to try this place out ever since I drove by a few years before I met Sam. It caught my attention right away and was curious from then on but never had anyone to go with. When Sam and I were getting to know each other, that was one place he suggested for our second date. At that moment I knew there was a reason I never checked it out. Now this little hole in the wall is sentimental to us as well. Every time we eat there, we always sit in the same booth. It’s our favorite place to sit because it’s tucked in a corner and away from everyone else.

Lincoln Park Cafe, formerly known as Randy’s, is found tucked under a causeway in a pretty unexpected part of town. The atmosphere is very friendly and the people there are down to earth. The servers are pleasant to talk to and never let your coffee get cold. The seating area feels like your grandmas kitchen. You immediately feel welcomed and will want to sit back and take your coat off.

The menu has plenty of selection, some new and some familiar. The last time we went, Sam ordered an Eggs Benedict. It was not on the menu at the time but it happened to be on special when he was craving it. When I saw how excited he was about it, I had to order the same thing. Needless to say, I was not disappointed and I also was not hungry again until dinner! Having breakfast here is always a good idea.


What’s a good hole in the wall that you love to go back to? Tell me if you visited Lincoln Park Cafe or if you have any suggestions, share it in the comments below.


The Leals

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