How Things are Going

Hey guys! So are things going with me? Man that’s kind of a loaded question. So the last time I shared here, I was basically announcing that I just joined Weight Watchers after trying everything else. I won’t recap once again why I joined but I will say it’s been a struggle. I lost 5 pounds the first month and then I just plateaued from there. It was very frustrating to say the least. I have been entering all my points meticulously with no results. But, I remained determined. I followed this program with huge success in the past and it’s continuing to work for many people, so why is it not working now?

Well, Weight Watchers changes their system ALL the time and so one thing I had to keep reminding myself is that the program they have today is not the same program they had in 2013. It’s taken a lot of trial and error for me. They started this new Personal Points program where you can still enjoy the foods you love. When I first started, oatmeal was a zero point food and I learned that I overindulged in that. So I switched that for potatoes. I don’t go crazy over potatoes so that seemed like a safer option to try.

After following that and waiting for the results to finally show, I still was left frustrated. “What the heck?” I was still plateauing. I didn’t get it. Then it dawned on me. I work in a coffee shop that also serves food. It has become a habit for me to just munch on the tortilla chips. I do it without even thinking! When it got super busy and stressful, I would go to the chips. When it was super slow and nothing to do, I would go to the chips. When I had the munchies, I would go to the chips. I would treat the chips as if they were zero points. I had the mindset that “just one won’t hurt anything.” Well, one turns into five and that turns into ten. By the end of the day, I probably have about 30 chips maybe more on average, which is at least 10 points that are not tracked. No wonder I hadn’t been losing anything! In that moment, I knew, I am an emotional eater and I need to take control of it.

Starting out was not easy. I had to really get control of this, before it had control of me. I started bringing snacks to work and made sure I drank my water. The times that I did take a chip, I stopped myself and took out my snack. Another thing I started doing is when I got the munchies, I pushed myself for an hour. This made me ask myself, am I really hungry or am I just wanting food? Within five minutes of trying this trick, I was fine. This goes to show that I am dealing with a habit that has gotten out of control.

Although the number on the scale is not changing the way I had hoped, I AM going through a mental and emotional change. I am not dependent on food but on the Heavenly Father. “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4. I need to end my gluttonous habit and put my hope and trust in Jesus Christ. The transformation starts from within.

Thank you for following along,


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