We Are Leaving Mn

Ever since we decided to leave our apartment in Missoula, the common question has been, “Where do we go.” We knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was time to move on and seek the Lords direction. Even to the day we left, we still had no idea. We were walking by faith. The only thing we knew is we wanted to go south and that is the direction we went. We went through Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. We finally stopped in a little town right on the border of California. We found a spot on BLM land (Bureau Land Management) which is free. We set up our tent and got situated. The majority of our time spent there was to rest. For two months, we were happy in our little camp.

When we were approaching the end of that time, we talked about visiting family for the holidays. As we prepared for our trip, we both had a feeling that our time in Nevada was coming to an end (you can read more about that story here). We packed up our camp, packed up our trailer, hitched it to the truck and drove for 3 days to Minnesota. When we arrived, we had no idea how long we would stay. Our initial plan was to unwind, regroup, and figure out what to do or where to go from there.

For awhile, I thought it would be the best idea to stay around family. We considered the circumstances on where to live if we remained and where would we work. During this time of deciding where to go next, we had moved on from staying at my parents, to staying in a motel. This wasn’t caused from an argument or any strife whatsoever. The reason is simply because Sam and I are a married couple who simply wanted our own space. Plain and simple. We enjoyed the time we had staying at my parents house, and that is saying a lot (I wrote about that story here).

We spent 19 days praying, fasting, and researching on what to do next. Once again, we asked, “Where do we go next?” Staying in the area became an option very briefly. Ultimately, we eliminated that option because Minnesota is a very liberal, democratic state. The governor is a tyrant, truth be told. Now that Biden has been sworn in, we know we don’t want to be here and want to be in a conservative location. True, there really isn’t anywhere to run and hide, but I certainly do not want to be in a democratic location.

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve considered Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and South Dakota. After much prayer and research, we were leaning toward Tennessee. I have never heard anyone speak negatively about this area. We eliminated Florida because it’s flat, humid, and buggy. We are from an area that has terrain and quite honestly, we would have a difficult time without terrain. We started leaning more toward Tennessee because there’s terrain, the people are nice, it’s conservative, lush green, and they have a prolonged fall season. That does not mean Texas is completely eliminated. Nothing is off the table. Who knows, we could just decide to go to Idaho.

While we were fasting, we developed a routine, prayed together, and learned a lot. It started getting to the point that we knew our decision was to relocate to Tennessee. The question then became “When will we leave?” I searched for jobs, looked for places to rent, looked for the best location. We ultimately decided that we would get a motel to see the area for ourselves, it’s much easier that way to find jobs and a place to live. We weren’t necessarily in a hurry because we had our hotel room until Feb 12.

Then on Jan 30, Sam woke me up and said he has a burning intuition that it’s time to leave. He said he woke up and knew it was time to pack up and hit the road. I agreed and felt like we have been accomplishing nothing by sitting in our hotel room knowing that we intend to leave Minnesota. So, what’s the point in staying? That is when things became clear to us, it’s time to move on. We found a motel south of Nashville, decided to leave our current motel room, and stay with my parents. By doing this, we are saving money instead of wasting it while we sit in our hotel room when we could be looking around the area ourselves. It makes it easier to find a place to stay and find a job.

We cleaned out our motel room, got our deposit back as well as the pro-rated amount, and decided to leave on Tuesday, February 2nd. We have peace about this and are ready to hit the road. Tomorrow we head to Tennessee for a 14 hour drive and expect to be there around 10 pm. But, things could change. You never know with us.


The Leal’s

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