March Recap

I was planning on getting this out much sooner but my keyboard quit working and it’s impossible to type with the one on the screen. But I just got my new one and it’s SO nice to work with! Much nicer than my previous one and it’s pink. Anyway, on to the recap.

I have noticed some big changes in this journey. The month of March became less about the scale and more about the non scale wins. To start out, at the beginning of the month I weighed at 176.8 and at the end I weighed 175.5, bringing me to a 1.3 weight loss. Not a whole lot but I’ll take it!

I mentioned there were some big changes in March. Instead of going to the kitchen because I felt like eating or that it’s 11:00 and I just hadn’t eaten yet, so I should eat something. I noticed that I started having less of an appetite. I noticed that I would think about eating and then stop myself and say “but I’m really not hungry.” So I would go throughout the day only eating one meal or just simply having a protein shake. Food is way more enjoyable when I wait until I’m actually hungry. By doing this I’m snacking less and my portion sizes have really decreased. I get full faster and I find myself making healthier choices. Some days I feel like having something really greasy and unhealthy but then I talk myself out of it. That never would have happened.

Another thing I noticed, and this was only because I took progress photos, although my weight stayed the same, my body has gotten leaner. In the beginning of the first photo is from March 11 and that day I weighed at 175. The second photo was taken April 1 at the exact same weight.

I started this journey at 185 pounds and my first goal was to reach 179. The next goal was to reach 175. Clearly, I made those goals. Now I’m hopeful that I will achieve my next goal in the month of April, which is to make it to 169.

I feel like I’m slowly coming back to my old self. I cannot believe I let myself go that far. Once I make it to 165, I have officially lost all of my covid weight and I’m back to where I started in 2020. Thanks for following along and we’ll see what April brings.

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