A Day in the Life: What I Ate

Well, hello! Have you wondered how some people eat and how they live their day? I thought I would do something a little different and bring you along to show you what I eat in a day while on Weight Watchers. To start out, I’ve been getting into a really good habit of drinking all my daily water. The big motivator for me is when Weight Watchers changed their program and made it so now a person can ADD to their daily points, one way of doing that is to drink ALL of your water, 8 cups=1 point earned.

Before I go to bed, I fill my water bottle so it’s ready when I wake up. I stopped drinking coffee immediately after getting out of bed because I find it already starts my day off on the wrong foot. Sometimes I like to diffuse it with lemon or strawberries but today I am keeping it just water.

24 ounces of water ready to go when I wake up

4 am

Time to start the day! I drink this ENTIRE bottle of water before I anything else. I find that I am awake a lot faster this way. I do make sure to drink all of the water by the time I am done getting ready for work, that way I have my first three cups done and out of the way!

5 am

Finished my water and I’m ready for breakfast and coffee. I have my oatmeal with berries and 2 tsp of brown sugar. All of this comes to only 5 points.

Oatmeal with berries and coffee

7:50 am

Around this time I’m starting to feel hungry but decided to push myself to see if I can wait until 8:30.

8:00 am

While I am waiting to have my snack, I start sipping on more water.

8:30 am

I am definitely feeling hungry! These scones are fresh out of oven and so tempting! The smell is enough to tempt anyone. Typically I would set one aside but I stayed strong.

Instead I finished wrapping the scones and had a hard boiled egg seasoned with everything spice.

9:40 am

I’m feeling the temptation again. Normally I’d take one or two without even batting an eyelash and justifying that only a couple wouldn’t hurt. But I’m fighting the urge! I’m pushing myself to 10:00 and see how I feel. I am reminding myself of the verse “I am the bread of life.” Reminding myself of Bible verses is a good way to keep me focused.

10:00 am

No chips for me! That’s a victory! Instead I finished my 24 ounces of water and now I’m ready for my americano. Three shots of espresso, a dab of sugar free Irish Cream, and 2 Tbsp of half and half. This drink comes to 2 points because of the half and half.

10:20 am

Feeling hungry again but it’s still too soon to pull out the lunch I brought, so another hard boiled egg with everything seasoning!

12:40 pm

Busy afternoon! Finally get to eat! This is something I made the night before. It’s just chicken and a bunch of veggies. I don’t lose any points from this meal but I actually earn at least 2 points for the two cups of veggies.

2:20 pm

Done with work and having one more hard boiled egg before my walk. These are perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

3:20 pm

Ready for my afternoon water! I am killing it today!

4:30 pm

Getting started on dinner and decided to make this tonight. It’s in the WW Personal Points Cookbook and it’s called “Spiced Lentils, Rice and Pasta with Onions” it’s made from a leftover from a couple days ago. The method was interesting, I had do roast pasta on the skillet for a minute or two and then add the rice. It worked and it was really good.

5 pm

This little bar is a perfect little dessert or a snack, only two points. Dinner is almost done but I’m really hungry so this will tide me over until then.

5:30 pm

The finished product. I think it looks a lot like the photo in the book. I had only one serving, which was one cup and that was 4 points.

5:45 pm

Have you had these? These are surprisingly really good. After dinner, I still had quite a bit of points left so I had some popcorn, 3 cups = 3 points. Not bad!

6:15 pm

At this time I still had a bunch of points leftover so I had three more, no shame, and that was 6 points.

8:20 pm

I don’t do this every night, but tonight I felt like making some tea as I wind down for bed.

That’s it! I get 21 points for the day and ended up using 22 with 2 left over with the two cups of veggies and 8 cups of water. It was helpful to document my day and see for myself the times when I am feeling temptation. I hope that was encouraging for you too. It’s not easy when your temptation is right in front of you! But today was good. I finished strong. Until next time guys!


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