Our Big Decision

For about a year, Sam and I have talked about moving out of state. We talked about Texas, Missouri, Montana, and Arkansas, among other places. Resume’s were sent out to places like Austin, Bozeman, Olathe, and Billings. While looking into various neighborhoods, crime rates, and cost of living, we’ve also considered if it would be realistic. Trust me, we did our fair share of research as well as praying about it. With each city, though, we realized it either wasn’t the right time or the right situation, so we put it on the shelf and went about our normal lives. However, the longing and yearning to move and seek adventure continued to grow. We are adventurers at heart and knew if we stayed we would remain stuck.

One day, Sam got a job offer that actually seemed doable for us. Again, we revisited the conversation, should we move or should we stay? I looked into transferring with my job, which would normally be a stopping point for us, but instead got the green light and onto the next door, which was trying to get out of our lease. In order to do that, we had to pay a hefty penalty and it’s not like we have that kind of money sitting in the bank. Instead, we started to embrace minimalism and put most of our furniture for sale. In one weekend, we made enough money to get out of the contract. Once we sold our electric fireplace, there was no going back, our mentality at that point was to get rid of stuff and keep only what we need.

We got rid of our couch, table, coffee table, fireplace, fitness equipment, futon…. everything. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t sad to see strangers rummage through my storage unit, asking a price for what was once mine. As a matter of fact it felt liberating to see it go. When you think about, all it is is just stuff. It was fun and exciting to see what else we could sell. Things changed drastically all in two days time. The next step was to find an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood. Once we got the approval for the apartment and we had a place to move to, we were pretty much ready to move to our new home in Billings Montana.

Now we’re a matter of days away from starting our new adventure and time is moving slowly as we pack our belongings. It’s amazing how easy this has been for us as each door opened seamlessly. If you ask if we are more nervous than excited, we are thrilled for our new adventure and have not had any anxiety. Without Gods grace and providence shining down upon us, this never would have happened.


The Leals

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