Welcome to My Home: Inside My Living Room

This is the where we spend most of our time when we are at home. So I want this place to be the most welcoming. I love coming home to my rustic, farmhouse style apartment especially after a long day of work. My favorite thing is to have dim lights and sometimes a candle burning. The atmosphere is just how I like it, warm and cozy. Get me a coffee or hot chocolate and I’m a happy girl. In this room I have a plethora of sentimental collections that I cherish dearly and each have significant meaning to me. I have them placed in the living room to serve as reminders and conversation pieces that I feel completes the look that I’m striving for.


Let’s talk about these shutters. It’s usually the first thing people notice when they enter the room and it leaves everyone asking. They once belonged in the bathroom window in the house I grew up in. I was so intrigued by them as a little girl. It was the window that looked out to the backyard that I once spent hours upon hours of running around, swimming in the pool, and using my imagination. I have many fond memories of summer days spent laughing and being a kid. Every day I would look at them and instantly be reminded of my childhood. When my parents started renovating the house, I noticed the shutters removed from the bathroom and set aside to be trashed. Panic struck and I was immediately compelled to rescue them because of their importance as they represent a window to my childhood.


This rope was our unity piece from our wedding. I first got the idea from my cousin’s wedding and thought it was so unique. I had never seen it before and knew I wanted it for my own. The idea comes from Ecclesiates 4:12 “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” I love the symbolism that comes with that. With each passing season, through the good, the tough, the easy, and the victories, God has been through it all with us. He has been our Foundation and we have always looked to Him for guidance. Through Christ alone, our marriage has become stronger than the day we said “I Do.” This rope is a daily reminder of all the goodness that God has blessed us with, even when it didn’t feel like it at in the moment.


We found this shelf at Duluth Antique Store on Grand Ave. When we first saw it, we knew without even a word spoken that it would be a great addition to our home. It’s the perfect shelf to hold all of my knick knacks and sentimental momentos. The girl figurine was given to me by my great aunt, Aunt Norma. She was my grandpa’s sister and the sweetest old lady you will ever meet! We didn’t live in the same town so when we visited it was always cherished. Without fail, she always had a gift for me, this one was my favorite. But it wasn’t the gifts that had meaning to me, it was her time. Shortly after my grandpa passed, we would write each other letters. She was very special to me and our bond was unique. When we received news that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I couldn’t believe it and took it kind of hard. Her health took a rapid decline and passed only a month later. I know I’ll see her again someday with my grandpa. I keep this little prairie girl as a reminder of this old lady’s sweetness and the relationship we had. When she gave me this gift, she told me it reminded her of me.


I’ve never painted before but I’ve always wanted to. I was at a girlfriends house one night and we all decided to spend our night being creative. I had no idea what my goal was so I just went went with it. I’m so happy with how it turned out. This painting was actually done a couple months before I met Sam. We met in October. In hindsight, I can see that this was a prophetic painting. The bride is of course me and I’m waiting for my groom. I had honestly forgotten about it but about a year later I noticed that the colors, my bouquet and my hair are very similar to how I had it in for our wedding. I had no idea that at the time this painting as created that I would get married the following fall to the man of my dreams.


I want my living room to always feel peaceful. It’s always been my goal, wherever we live, that whenever someone walks into our home that they can feel God’s presence. And it’s happened. It’s usually the first thing people say when they enter our home is that it feels so homey and peaceful.


Do you have a place in your home that you just feel peaceful? Are you sentimental like me? Tell me what your favorite sentimental piece in your home is.



The Leals




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