It’s Time to Move….. But We Don’t Know Where

I am typing this within the comfort of a warm house and a cup of coffee topped with whipped cream. Life sure is easy compared to where we were. I even took a bath with jets and it felt like a jacuzzi. It was so nice! It’s been about two weeks of spending time with family and compared to where we were, having a toilet and a hot shower is a luxury. You might be asking how I even got to be in a warm house and to take a nice bath. It’s been quite a journey. But we felt God was leading us to go back to Minnesota to spend time with family, as this might be our last chance.

When God led us to Nevada in the middle of the desert, we had no idea how long we would be there. We were literally living on faith and God’s direction but we always knew there was a reason we were in the desert, I do believe it is symbolic. In biblical times, the Israelites were nomads and often lived in tents in the desert. I think their tents were better quality than what is made today, but that’s for another day. Living this way allowed us to slow down and focus on God. I consider it a gift to have been able to live the quiet life as we have and depend on God. Not too often do we get to enjoy being in God’s presence and completely depend on His leading. We get so used to living the rat race, this routine and that routine, running here and there. Staying busy can be a huge distraction and can easily keep us away from spending time with God if we let it.

About two weeks before Thanksgiving, we asked each other what we should do. Should we stay or should we move on? We were honestly about ready to pack up our camp and hit the road again. But then an opportunity presented itself and a job fell into my lap. I am not a believer in coincidences and do think there was a reason for the timing.

On December 2, Sam asked me what I thought about flying to Minnesota to visit family for Christmas. At first, I was taken aback and honestly didn’t think it would make much sense. The more we talked about it, however, the more we agreed that if it does fall into place, then it’s meant to be. We looked up flight tickets and happened to find two round trip tickets at a very reasonable price. I talked to my boss about going to Minnesota for Christmas and she was very supportive. The next thing on the agenda was to decide where to keep our cargo trailer, and we had that figured out right away. We considered having a rental vehicle from the airport to Duluth and just stay in a hotel, but it can get expensive and we don’t have a bunch of money.

As we were making our plans, we had a feeling for about a week that when we come back from Minnesota, it would be time for us to pack up and leave. What that would look like, we were uncertain. It could mean that we would relocate to another camping spot in Pahrump or it could mean that we would relocate to another state altogether.

On December 10, about a week away from our trip, and Sam said he had a weird, nagging feeling about not going. Did that mean “do not take the plane?” Or did that mean “stay in Nevada?” We weren’t sure. All we knew is that we had to pray for direction. A couple days later, we received the news that I would be laid off. We saw it coming so it wasn’t a total shock. We had been anticipating a close down, we just weren’t sure of the timing. This confirmed our feelings.

We had flight tickets, a hotel booked, and a parking spot for our truck reserved. If I still had income, we’d be able to justify the trip. But now that I was laid off, this presented a dilemma. What do we do? Do we stay in our tent and spend this time praying and seeking the Lords direction? Do we go to MN anyway? Or do we skip the trip altogether? Suddenly, everything was back on the table and open for discussion.

We decided to cancel our parking reservation for our truck as well as our flight tickets. I then called my parents. The plan was for them to pick us up from the airport in Minneapolis. When I told them the news and what we decided, my mom said “Well, I might as well tell you now.” They gifted us with enough money to justify taking the trip, and then some. It was surprising and humbling to receive a generous gift. Now this kind of changes things. I felt as though this was God enabling us to go, but to drive. Then the question became, what do we do about our trailer?

The more we talked it over, the more we realized that driving from Nevada to Minnesota with the cargo trailer was the most reasonable option for us. True, it would not be the most fun nor the easiest option. When we estimated how long it would take us to drive from Nevada to Minnesota, it was a day and 3 hours straight through with no stops. We were not looking forward to the long drive, which turned out to be a 3 day journey, but we knew God was leading us to go this route and we had a peace about it.

Driving enabled us to spend time with family without a deadline over us or feeling rushed. It allows us to unwind and regroup. Since I don’t have a job to go back to now, it would make sense for us to take everything along as we don’t know where we will be after this. Maybe 6 days, maybe 2 weeks. To be honest, since we made this decision to drive, my gut had been telling me 2 weeks, but Sam is thinking otherwise. We will see what God ultimately leads us to do.

Now that we have been here for Christmas and New Year’s, it has been wonderful spending time with family, but we are now feeling the urgency to move on. We do not know where or when yet. We are taking things day by day, hour by hour as that is all we can do. We are prepared to have to pick up our things the next day and be on the road again.

All we can do is pray for God to open a door and give us the direction we need. We aren’t too sure where we want to end up in the long run. We have considered Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, and South Dakota. We are looking for a more conservative place to land. Ultimately, we are hoping that the next place we end up we will be able to settle. It’s hard to live in a tent, but we would do it again if we had to. We would appreciate your prayers as we wait on the Lord and His leading. We do not want to make the wrong decision.


The Leal’s

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