My Goals for April

Hey there! How are you doing? It’s been tough hasn’t it? I think March is by far the slowest month we’ve had and April doesn’t look to be any different. Isn’t it crazy how life turned upside down by the flip of a switch? I was in a funk for a while and I know a lot of people have been too. I struggled to get back into my normal routine despite our new culture shift. At times I forced myself to sit down and write just to give myself a sense of normalcy. I planned to be motivating in light of the current situation and I even sat down and planned out my goals for the upcoming month, while still attempting to power through March. But I lost my routine and my rhythm. Just when I finally had one established and it was working for me, everything went out the window including my motivation. 

In light of the current situation, how did I do with my March goals? Well, I finished the kitchen trim and that was a huge accomplishment. I do share my thoughts about the process in this blog post here, if you’re interested in seeing the progress and maybe gain some motivation, you can check it out. Sam and I pretty much finished the hallway in just two afternoons. It looks so good! It feels good to put my touch on this house now and cover up the ugly color that felt so dark and dreary. That same color is also in the living room so I’ve seen enough of it! While Sam was finishing up the trim, he had an idea, that was to paint the hard wood floors. I thought it was a great but I couldn’t decide on a color. So I left it in Sams hands and let him choose. I just confirmed if I liked it or not. Was that a crazy decision? Perhaps. But we have the same taste anyways so I wasn’t too nervous. He didn’t hesitate to get started and it looks amazing! It really brightened the place up. You better believe there will be a follow up on that.

So what’s my goal for April? Well, we have practically finished hallway and moved on into living room. By that I mean we just have the touch up left to do. Since we are now including the floor in this project, this has also included painting an additional room because that’s where all the hardwood touches. The plan is to paint that room a sage green and finish the living room the same as the hallway. But before we move on, we have to complete the touch up. Remember I said I turned over a new leaf? No more 95% finished over here! But it’ll be good and won’t take as long this time. I also have a couple other ideas I’d been wanting to do too. Once the painting project is finished, I want to install board and batten in our entryway.

As you know, during the last few months I have been trying to wake up at 6:20 am. I know this is an odd time but I had a goal to slowly get myself out of bed earlier and earlier. I had to pause that plan once we were put under quarantine and things became crazy. I had a tension headache for several days in the beginning which was very unusual for it to even last that long. I had heard that others were experiencing the same. Once I realized that this was stress induced, I started taking better care of my body and getting more sleep. At this point, I’m not too concerned if I don’t wake up at a certain time, but rather more concerned about how much sleep I’ve had. Since I am considered an essential worker, it is vital that I take care of myself. I consider it a win at this point in time if I roll out of bed before 7:30. 

With the weather getting warmer, I have hopes of planting a few vegetables. I did plant some seeds for herbs and they’ve started to sprout. I’m very excited! Right now, I have Rosemary, Oregano, Cilantro and sweet peppers. Now, considering the circumstances, I’ve been super motivated to get started. This month, I plan to start a compost bin. Having your own compost is the richest and best form of soil. I’m excited to utilize more of our produce by creating a good soil for my garden. We also purchased a dehydrator and I’ve already gotten started. I had researched what would be the best way to preserve food and we decided that dehydrating would work the best for us. I’m excited to learn all the things that I can. So far I’ve dehydrated apples, oranges, orange peels, pears, onions, and tomatoes. There will be more to come.

Speaking of gardening, I purchased a starter strawberry plant and two hydrangea plants. The plan is to plant the strawberries next to my blueberries and plant the hydrangea’s in the front of the house, one on each corner. They are dark blue, which is my favorite, and I think it’ll look really nice. I love a big, full flower. 

I have had a lot of victories despite how life has been lately. I have to remind myself that it’s ok and to go easy on myself a little bit. I have not been working out but tried to make more of an effort to take Eddie for a walk. He’s learning lose leash and continues to improve but walking with him does not give me the workout I desire get out of it. Small strides, little victories. If you are having a hard time getting back into some sort of routine, take it easy and be patient with yourself. Don’t put too much expectation on yourself, but do what you need to do to feel normal. What do you hope to achieve this month?


The Leal’s 

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