My 5 Goals For March

I’m so happy it’s March. That means spring is (hopefully) right around the corner. We’ve been seeing some unseasonably warm weather the past week or two and I’m not complaining about it. The longer this continues, the more hope I have of spring. The other day it was so warm I turned the heat off in the house and opened all the windows. In February. In Minnesota! Unbelievable. It was so nice to have fresh air flowing through the house again. *sigh* Let’s hope this continues. Anyways, on to business. Let’s talk about goals. Because Honey, I got lots. 

Last month I talked about my five goals I wanted to achieve. Some have been accomplished, and others I’m still working on. It’s the progress, not perfection, right? First things first though, let’s talk about the kitchen trim. I set a goal to finish by the end of January. Well, it’s March now and do you think I finished? No. But, I don’t look at this is as a failure, on the contrary, I see it as a success. Here’s why: although I missed the deadline I set for myself, I still kept working at it. I’d paint an hour here, 20 minutes there, it all adds up. With a growing list of things needing to get done and having to work long hours at times, I’m giving myself the credit because although I have a track record of abandoning a project at 95% accomplished, I still stuck with it. But oh boy did I want to give it up! My husband said he was even impressed. That’s a win for me!

I also set a goal to learn how to make soap. I signed up for a class and was very excited but also a bit shy. I had mentioned that I’m a little timid when it comes to taking a new class by myself. But, I actually had a lot of fun learning and understanding the process. I had previously looked up tutorials and I’ve honestly been afraid to start because I didn’t want to work with lye. Throughout all the reading I’ve done, all I’d seen was to take precautions when handling it. That was enough to scare me away. However, the lady teaching the class put my reservations at ease and said as long as you respect it, it will be just fine. So, I made soap. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I plan to make batches of it in the future. Look out world!

I had planned to wake up every day at 6:20. I set my alarm for that time and I would hit snooze 9 times out of 10. I got back in the habit of lingering in bed and giving myself “the pep talk.” As for working out 4 times weekly, well, I was on a really good streak and then hubby got sick, I worked overtime, as did he. It kinda through us both for a loop. Working overtime alone can throw me off the track very quickly. Same goes for Sam. On most days, he’s been waking up at 3 am to work a good portion of the morning, would come home for a couple hours, then would be back at it again until 7 pm. That was on repeat pretty much every day for a few weeks. With a schedule like that, it’s impossible for anyone to have a routine, let alone a decent night sleep. Now he’s got a new schedule coming up and that means we’ll (generally) have the same hours which will enable him to have a routine again. 

My last goal for February was to read and finish a book which I am still working on and almost finished. When I was a kid and into my teenage years I used to get lost in a book. Now that I’m a working adult with a growing list of things to do, it’s been difficult for me to sit and read because I get distracted by all the things I could be doing. Lately I’ve been reading on my breaks at work and at night as part of my bedtime routine. This is enough time to get some headway in my reading as well as giving myself a good time for myself.

Now, on to March. Here are my new goals. 

  1. Paint the Living Room

So, last time we talked about the living room, I mentioned how I plan to paint it a blueish color. Although I like the color and I believe it will look great in my living room, it still didn’t seem enough. I was searching through pinterest for light blue living room ideas and then it came to me. Two-tone. Two of the facing walls will be blue and the opposite facing walls will either be gray or white, I’m heavily leaning towards white though. This will also lead into the hallway with trim and doors painted white. After deciding this, I am amped up and ready to get started! But, I’m turning over a new leaf and not abandoning a project. I need to finish the kitchen trim to the very end. And then I get to paint my living room.

  • Wake up 6:20 am

Since I was too inconsistent with this, I’m keeping it the same. 

  • Get back to my workout routine

Enough said about that. I looked at the calendar and it was about two weeks since I hadn’t been to the gym, so I must not be too hard on myself. I have to give myself some credit because we’ve had a lot going on. But the fact that I’m aching to get back is a good sign because that tells me that I will jump back into the swing of things fairly easy.

  • Read a new book

I’ve probably got 5 chapters left of my current book and then on to a shorter book. Lately I’ve been reading some self-help books which have really assisted in giving me a new perspective as well as healing from my past. It’s been so enlightening. I will elaborate on this at a later time, but for now, I’m keeping you in the dark. 

  • Make Deodorant

Ok so I learned how to make an all-purpose cleaner, lotion and then soap. This is my next goal. Why am I learning these projects? Well, first of all, I love to make things myself. Second, I know it’s cheaper that way in the long run and lastly, I know what will be in it vs what I purchased in the store. So why not? I’ve heard it’s rather simple. 

So there you have it. My 5 goals for March. I am excited to turn a new page on a new month. I’m very ready to get started and mark those suckers off the list! What about you? Are you setting any goals for the month? What are you working on for March? Let me know in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “My 5 Goals For March

  1. Now that you know how to make soap you can teach me 😉. I am feeling a girls day soon? 😀 I am also getting the itch to paint so I am going to make a goal right now to get some samples, narrow down a room, and set a start date! Thanks for the motivation.


  2. I loved this post! The goals are so inspiring and refreshing… I am thinking about the deodorant goal… might copy you on that one!


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