My 5 Goals for February

It’s February. Can you believe it? Before we know it, it’ll be summer time. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. I have so many goals for 2020. It’s anything from reading, setting a workout plan, doing another DIY project around the house or staying on top of meal planning. I want to do it all! When I look at the long list I made for myself, I ask, “Do you really think you’ll get it all done?” And then I get overwhelmed by the long list of goals. But, I figure if I set 5 attainable goals a month, it won’t be so bad. If you’re a deadline person like me, you understand that setting a boundary for yourself is necessary. Otherwise it won’t get done. I’m a procrastinator by default and I admit, I let projects get about 95% complete, get burnt out and move on to the next one. It drives my husband crazy! He likes to get a project done 100% and not just have it done, but have it done well. His motto is “get it done right the first time so you don’t have to go back a second time.” He has taught me so much and I have been challenged to step it up. He has also been very patient with me. So, I thought setting a deadline would eliminate the problem. I have learned that if I just decide to do all the things, it won’t get done. After becoming a bit overwhelmed, I decided to break it down and give myself small monthly goals. If you also struggle with keeping up your goals or following through with projects, then maybe this is for you. Here we go.

  1. Paint the living room.
    When we first viewed the house, I didn’t have a problem with the color. It’s kind of a warm brownish-yellowish tint. It’s not terrible, but it’s not for me. After we moved in and got settled, I realized that this color ain’t gonna work. So I got some samples and found one that I do like. The more I look at it, however, especially in the living room, the more I realize that the current color needs to go. It feels dark and dreary. It’s going to be a big project because I’m not only going to be painting the walls, but also the trim, the doors and windows which is also extending into the hallway. So, little goals, little steps. I can do this. I had a goal to finish painting the trim in the kitchen by the end of January. Well, it’s February now and I’m still working on it. So, I will reassess in a couple weeks.
  2. Wake up at 6:20am
    This is an odd time, I know. But my goal is to wake up at 5 am (consistently) by the end of the year. You may look at that and think “Oh my word! That’s too early!” But I have noticed that I am much more productive shortly after I wake up. I have never regretted waking up earlier because I get more stuff done and this gives me more control over my day. I’ve been doing pretty good at waking up at 6:30 and sometimes 6:00. Without putting too much pressure on myself, I do think I’m ready to push myself to get up about 10 minutes sooner.
  3. Work out 4 days a week
    I have let working out fall to the way side for a little while. For the past 4 months I have been in survival mode as my husband was on disability. I would pick up any and every extra hour I could to make sure my husband didn’t feel the pressure to go back to work prematurely. I have worked 12 hour days, full shifts on my days off, and long work stretches. That being said, my schedule was more inconsistent than I’d like it to be. But I didn’t care because I was taking care of my hubby. Now he is back to work and we are focusing on taking care of ourselves. Right now I’m doing great at going to the gym Mon, Wed, Fri. But I’m ready to kick it up a notch. My plan is to keep doing what I’m doing, but I want to go to a class, which is exciting and intimidating for me. I’ve always been a shy person until I warm up to someone. So by going to a class by myself is a big step out of my comfort zone.
  4. Learn to make soap
    I’ve actually always wanted to learn how to make natural products myself. Like lotion, candles, soap, shampoo, etc. I know they are cost effective and much more efficient than store bought. I get excited and overwhelmed by all the things I can make and by that I don’t do anything because I don’t know where to start. But I finally did. I made vinegar orange cleaner in December and coconut oil lotion last month. I actually really love it and was very surprised by how simple it is to make. So now we’re at February and I discovered a class on how to make cold pressed soap. I’m very excited to learn this. But as I previously mentioned, classes make me anxious (see above paragraph).
  5. Read one book a month
    I used to read all the time. Somehow along the way, I put books down and everytime I see them, I look at them with longing. In turn I have made excuses that I work too much, that I’m just too tired and have too much going on. But I have time to watch movies. I have time to be on social media. These are time wasters and I want to be more conscious of the time I have.

Pretty easy and attainable right? It’s so easy to forget the goals in sight but if you keep reminding yourself of the new habits you want to set, it’ll be much easier to get excited over them. What are some goals you have?


The Leal’s

2 thoughts on “My 5 Goals for February

  1. No wonder we are friends, your post literally sounds like me! I appreciate these tips and tricks. I plan to implement then for my own goals which are very similar to yours 🙂 I was literally just looking at my bathroom thinking about painting.. maybe time to put that into action. (Especially before summer hits and I want to be outside) ❤️


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