St. Louis River Trail and Superior Hiking Trail: Fond du Lac Section

For the past month Sam’s back has not been doing well. We still don’t have answers and it still doesn’t look like he’ll be going back to work anytime soon. If you are familiar with backpain, you know how frustrating the healing process can be. There are good days and bad days. The recovery has been very slow and frustrating. When he has a good day, he doesn’t want to get his hopes up too high that this is the turn around, because if he does too much, he will pay for it. As part of his recovery, one thing we started doing is going for a short walk. It has been so good to get out of the house and for his back to loosen up. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to do that. These two trails are fairly easy. However, as a disclaimer, the Fond Du Lac Section of the Superior Hiking Trail was a bit more challenging.

Starting out with the St. Louis River Trail, it is a fairly short walk, I mean, we walked the whole thing in about 20 minutes. It is a newly constructed facility and along the trail it has some history to read. What I like about this trail is that it is very woodsy, although, it’s not that hard to find a woodsy trail here in Minnesota. I only wish we could have walked this trail a week ago. That’s when the colors were at their peak.

If you come here with some kiddos, there is a playground that they can enjoy. I also noticed quite a few picknick tables with a few grills so you could easily make an afternoon out of it. Another great thing I liked about this area is that it sits right on the St. Louis River which makes it convenient for bringing a kayak or canoe. We do plan on coming back with a kayak so we have more to explore.

The Fond du Lac Section of the Superior Hiking Trail was honestly something we stumbled upon. After the previous trail, we decided to drive around the area and, lo and behold, another outlet for the SHT. If you know us, you know that it is our dream to hike the entire trail. We were very pleasantly surprised. There is a lot of construction going on right now and it looks like they may be on the finishing end of it. This part of the trail is foot travel only and is also part of the Spur Trail for about a half a mile. Today was just perfect for a short hike. As mentioned above, this was a little more challenging with some steep hills and exposed roots, so keep that in mind.

My first impression is that it is very secluded. I like a trail that makes you feel lost. All we could hear was the sound a bubbling creek, some chipmunks in the distance and the rustling of leaves. I mean, could you not ask for a more perfect setting? We came at the perfect time as well because the sun was glistening through the trees, making the scenery stunning. I was sad to leave that part of the trail but have high hopes of going farther in the future.


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